I started this blog to post my thoughts on various things, I suspect that there will be a lot of Feminist-inspired rantings and musings, some telling of experiences that I haven’t quite gained the courage to reveal on my non-anonymous blog but that I think warrent sharing, warrent my examination and commentary. Blogging is a great way to try and work out where you stand on a matter, why something bothers you,  and this is particularly true if you are lucky enough to receive comments that might disagree with, illuminate, expand upon, share experiences or simply offer agreement or support. I’m hoping that in time I might be lucky in this way.

All of that said, if you are not a fellow feminist, it’s worth checking out the comment/s below before commenting.

The title of this blog is chosen because I was thinking about visibility, of choosing to write visible things in a visible space. Of wanting to make the overwhelming awfulness of patriarchy more visible. I realise there is in popular internet usage a verb ‘to flame‘ which is generally considered to be A Bad Thing but I forgot about that until after I’d chosen my blog name. Although not part of my original intent, I have chosen to own these associations as much as possible. Feminism is inflamatory to a lot of people. Some are enraged and scared, some are passionatly in favour. Women are flamed every single day from a myriad of exciting angles and sometimes, I will flame right back.


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  1. flamewriting said,

    This is primarily a feminist blog. People who do not associate themselves with feminism are welcomed, nay, encouraged to read along and even to comment in a constructive way or with genuine questions. These will be answered if time allows but this could be with a quote from and/or link to previous discussions on the matter. Comments from anti-feminists (follow the link, it’s a good one), on the other hand, are not welcome and can expect one or more of the following: Deleted comments, no response, sarcasm, contempt or, if you’re increadibly lucky, I might respond by addressing your concerns as if they were reasonable. Don’t count on on that last one though.

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