Great quote/Backlash

9 June, 2009 at 1:19 pm (Backlash)

I found this really great phrase in the comments here, in response to the way advertising keeps marketing unhealthy, generally crappy food as desirable to ‘real men’ on the grounds that it’s ‘manly’:

“It’s a classic trick to manipulate people by making them believe that they are being more independent in doing so. Defy the crowd by following orders.” [Many thanks DoctorJay, hope you don’t mind I swiped it.]

It’s a perfect summary because it’s one of the main tactics used in every backlash going at the moment. ‘Those {Insert name of advocates for equality, better health and/or just generally being a decent human being} are just following the crowd, being weak, being sheep. Do what *we* tell you, think what *we* tell you to, because that’s so free-thinking and  edgy and rebellious.’ Except that, of course, it isn’t. This ‘independent’ mode of thinking and collection of opinions is in fact absorbed out of mainstream media and oppressive social trends. It is the mainstream, but everyone thinks they’re so daring and original for following it. There’s no real thinking involved, free or, often, otherwise.

This is one of those things that I already knew (and chances are if you’re reading this so did you) but I was never able to put it properly into words until the above quote gave me the way in I needed.


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